another saturday night

4:50 PM

hello peeps.. where did you last night? i think you have a good time with your family or your boyfriend/girlfriend or your friends is that right? haha..
well i have some a good time with okta and my band H1N1, firstly i went to grand cakung and took some photoshoot from H1N1, their performed so AWESOME last night! so crowded in there let see the photo shoot...

the audience are waiting our perform

so crowded in there

the bassist and the lead guitarist

secondly i went to jakcloth 2010 at plaza tenggara senayan with okta, wow there so crowded!

look what i bought at there

i bought that stuff is from PREMIUM NATION booth

ooh and i just have some new silly bandz series that is halloween series and rockbandz series..

now i wear a lot of silly bandz.. :p

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