New Year New Look

5:21 AM

hello i'm so sorry for the late post again because i've been so busy last month and my internet connection is so lameeeee....

by the way i want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!! hope we all success and best wishes in this year amiiiiiiiiiiin....

i want to share about my banner edited by me hihi...

ooh this is my new look and i looooooooove the bowler hat so much....

blue bowler hat - unbranded
top and short - pink label mangga dua

ooh i just launched my officially online shop just click Phoskinny Shop there's a lot of new, fresh, and fierce stuff at there... *click click*

P.S : i got a good news last week!! finally i pass the telkom test and i got accepted in STISI telkom when i heard this news i immediately pray grateful to Allah SWT.. Alhamdulillah.. finally i make my parents so proud of me and especially my father at heaven :')
i'm sooooo speechless can't explain how happy i am and this is my dream come true, i can college at STISI telkom yippieeeeeeee!!! now i'm just focus for the national exam, the practice test, and school final exam... wish me luck guys! hopefully i can pass it again with a very very good score amiiiiiiiiin.....

my future college campus STISI TELKOM

regards, JP

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  1. I love your shorts! Very cute x

  2. hey! great shorts love it!

  3. Congratulations!!! :D And i LOVE those shorts on you x

  4. I wish for you a successful life..
    Congratulations =)

  5. happy new year!
    congrats on opening yr shop! love the blue bowler hat & all yr hats - your blog seems to have great fun & energy!

  6. your outfits are to die for!! i love them:)
    really cute blog!

  7. im so sorry for the late reply guys!
    thank you so much for all the wishes and all of you have a great great and cool blog! i love it :)

  8. Beautiful: styles, photos, blog!


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