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hello guys i want to share about the last movie i've just watched yesterday! THE RUNAWAYS movie starred by dakota fanning as cherie currie and kristen stewart as joan jett. the movie was so cool! i love cherie and joan style! they are so really cool! and i think the movie was cool too but some scene are too raunchy to watch, i recommend for 18 years above to watch this...
i don't want to tell you about the synopsis, but the core of this movie is about how this band could be formed, this band was formed by joan jett who wanted to make rock n roll band with personnel who are all girls. i won't to continue the synopsis, just watch this movie then you will know the story! hehehe... :)

ooh and i think the director of this movie was awesome, she pick kristen stewart and dakota fanning as joan jett and cherie currie when they are young! they look like the same person when joan and cherie was teenagers.. this is the picture of the look like joan jett and cherie currie..

left: real joan jett and cherie curri when they're performed right: dakota and kristen at the runaways movie

left: real joan jett  right: kristen stewart as joan jett on the runaways movie

cheri currie 

left : real cherie currie right: dakota fanning as cheri currie on the runaways movie

below this: the look that i adore!

The Runaways: Live in Japan album

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