hello i am busy!

5:25 AM

i am soooooooooo sorry for the late post! the school stuff make me so crazy and tomorrow i'm gonna do my last exam for school and 18th april i will do the national examination, and then i'm free from the school yay! :))

just post some picture below this, play with my wardrobe hehe.. and just received new package from iwearUP yippieeeeeeee my stella black are here! want to buy pair one? just click here :) 
and also i love all the shoes from iwearUP because they lovable, edgy, sweet, chic, versatile, and so stylish for mix and match our clothes! all of those shoes are RECOMMENDED to buy!!

nude top - chocochips boutique
skirt - blogger yard sale
camel blazer - pasar senen
socks - sox galeri
shoes - stella black from UP 

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