Red UP!

4:42 AM

hello there :) how are you guys? do you have a nice wednesday? well i have, today my school exams have been finished yaaay!!! :D very very happy!! now i just want to relax a little bit then prepare for school again for national exam fuiiih.. maybe for next month i will not always posting my look for my blog because i will be soooooo busy.. so sorry for that, i promise after national exam i will always post my daily look! you have my word on it okeee hehehe... :)

oh you know what a few days ago i just received another shoes package from iwearUP, yes my ordered stella red has arrived at my house yaaay again! haha :D 
this shoes are very very veryyyyyyy comfy to wear, very wearable too, and so light! you don't have to worry  because the heavy shoes, i remind you this shoes are very light! and now i have boater hat with affordable price yaay (this one is another package that i've received too) 

red polkadot dress (worn as top) and high waist blue jeans - thrifted shop
boater hat - unbranded
shoes (red stella) - UP 

I LOVE IWEARUP SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! *lot of hugs and kisses* :****

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  1. nice outfit! :D
    where did you get the boater hat? It's so cute..!

  2. thank youu :)
    i got it from online shop dear hehe..

  3. whoaaa, looks cute, i love red tone in these pic :) btw, can you teach me how to make a twins effect like some of your pictures ??thanks a lot :):):)

  4. red red red i loveee red, nice shoes from up!

    visit mine?

  5. @Lisa and Kirana : thank you so much dear :)
    okey i will visit yours ;D

  6. cute, i love red too :D
    love you blazer and your hat :D



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