contest and sign!

10:57 AM

it's been a year since my father pass away, you know i love him so much! of course because his my father, but the thing that i love him so much  i never thought that he was wanted me and my two sisters to be like him, be a successfull man and always love with our job! he's a really wise man i ever met, always give me advice for a better life, never complain with his job, and always love the family so much! and many more good attitude from him! i just love him always and always, now i just pray for him everyday and do the best for my life like he told me when he was alive. but sometimes i miss him a lot and i can only pray in here for the best to him and Allah SWT amiiiin... *tear drop* :")

and i want to tell you something a good news!!!
today i join the twitpic contest from wondershoe store aaaaaaannnnddd..... I WON!!!!! yeay yippieeeeee *happy* :D :D the contest is about you wear their shoes or just take picture of their shoes with your creativity! and i just took the picture with my daily wear hahaha... lucky me i won the contest with 10 others girl and the winner get 1 pair of their shoes with free yeey! :D :D

this is the picture for the contest haha not so creative but i think it's good enough right? 

took a sign picture for THE HEART DIRECTION band 

pinky long sleeve - borrow from my sister
green outer - thrift store
pleated black short - Chocochips Boutique
white tight - unbranded
flat shoes - wondershoe

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  1. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and congrats dear!i miss my dad too!

  2. jess..pinjem fotonya yah buat dimasukin di blog kita,, :)

  3. congrats jess! :)
    that's an awesome pic :)

  4. Hi! We loved your visit in our blog! hehe Can you visit us sometimes? Believe me, you're better at English than us! We have only 12 years old! hehehe thanks for the compliments!
    Amanda & Kelin from Brazil

  5. Hi dearrrr!!! I loved your red glasses and white socks! They´re amazing on you!!! Beautifull girl!!!
    Kisses from Brasil

    Obs: Here in Brasil, today is Mother´s day and on later I´ll make a especial post!!! Take a look later!!! :)

  6. @Cindy : we're on the same place but we can be strong without him :")

    @the blankiehang : silahkaaaan :)

    @gian aryanti: thank you so much, but i think it's not good enough for creativity hehe :p

    @My Design : are you kidding? you guys are only 12 years old!!!! wow you guys are so talented! you must promote your design into the world from agency or magazine :)
    i will dear. thanks for visiting my blog too

    @Dani: thank you dear :D well can't wait for the special post! :D

  7. bagus kok fotonya :)
    oya, turut berduka ya atas kepergian ayahmu. 1 tahun.. semoga kamu dan keluarga makin kuat, amen.. hugs, indi.

  8. You deserve to win!


  9. @indi : makasih ya utk dukungannya, kami pasti selalu kuat dan kompak :) amiin

    @andra: thank you sooo much :D

    @GRICIA : thank you so much kaaa.. i already join your giveaway and hopefully i can win that 100.000 voucher from ONLYI :D :D *fingercrossed*


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