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6:31 AM

i forgot something, there's something different on my blog if you noticed that! yes my HEADER! of course! hahaha i'm so scared when i try to edit by myself and i am frightened if the result will be not so good but DAMN! it is so cool huh! i can't belieeeeeeveeee it, it is original made by myself hahahaha *dancing*

well let's talk about other topics. when i went to Brightspot Market i saw a lot of local brand from my country, yeah all of them are so damn good! good what? yeah good quality, good design (i think it's not good but it was sooo cool design you know), good store, and of course GOOD PRICE!! 

i saw so much stuff in there, yeah and i want to bought all of them stuff but i realize i don't have enough money *sigh* and when i got home i googled some of their store, and i found LADOUCHEVITA store, and look their collections, and i saw thiiiiiiiiiisss!!! 

desperately in love with those stuff especially those SHOES! i know i always in love with things called SHOES hhh, anyway the price of that shoes isn't affordable. too bad i don't have enough money to buy them... *crying* anyone want to buy me a pair one? huehehehe...

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  1. The banner looks great :) Congrats on designing it yourself . I really like the sheer white top.

  2. Thank you so much for your message :)I have already been following you for a while :P


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