Garden Garage Sale

4:07 AM

hello guys how's your day today? is it good? i bet it is good and fine :) 
well two days ago it is Saturday 28th may, remember on previous post that i told you about my first selling my stuff in one of my friend garage sale, well i think it was super fine, not so damn good but it was fine :)
well it is my first experience to selling to public and i think it was a very warm welcome.. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.. :")

i promise i will be more good in selling at bazaar, garage sale, even on internet.. i will focus with my store hopefully my store will be success amiiin.. :)

below these are my booth picture on that garage sale :D :D 

anyway got a pleated skirt from thrift store, i love pleated skirt because it is so vintage and chic! you can pair it with anything! super stylish item ;) 
and did you notice some of my post i always wore my wimo mary jane shoes? yes i love this shoes so much it is match with anything and of course it so vintage :D
oh on Sunday i went to Jakarta Gems Center at Jatinegara, in front of Jatinegara Train Station and i buy some accessories from there, well i'm not a big fan of accessories but i think an outfit without accessories will be plain and flat.. so i buy statement rings and bracelets with affordable price yeaay! you must go there if you want to hunting a cute accessories :D 

sky blue, knitted vest, and red pleated skirt - thrift store
bag - online shop
necklace - borrow from my sister 
rings and bracelet - gems center 
belt - unbranded
socks - sox gallery 
mary jane brown heels - wimo (from Centro Dept. Store)

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  1. aww..your rings are so lovely...

  2. i love vintage!
    you are so cool!

  3. love this vintage look <3
    nice skirt :)


  4. The pleated dress looks lovely on you.I love the color :)Also the shoes are gorgeous

  5. your red skirt so gorgeous! i love love it! and i love the shoes too :)

  6. love your mary jane shoes!! :D

  7. I love your mary jane shoes!! and that giraffe necklace is super cute <3

  8. great outfit, love the color of your skirt.
    i just post an outfit wearing the same skirt but in different color!

  9. hi Jessica! thanks for visiting my blog :) love your blog and definitely following you dear! if you like my blog you can follow it too ;)
    really love your skirt and shoes, so cute!! ah and we have the same body type! glad to find you, hihi

    la femme

  10. wonderful outfit!! i adore your bag and beautiful skirt <3

  11. sorry all for late reply :)

    @gian aryanti : thank you so much dear :)

    @aminta : me too! thank you so much :D <3

    @riestya : thank you so much dearest :)

    @Dora, plapla and Tabitha : thank you sooooo much :*

    @caramel lady : wow thank you dear :D

    @Shanti : thank you dear *kisses*

    @Shirley : i just saw your pleated look and it was so lovely too :)

    @nadyagita : you're welcome and of course thank you so much for your lovely comment too my dear. hihi i never thought i will found a person who have the same body tape like me :)

    @augustalolita : thank you my dearest :D


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