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i don't know why, but i think all people are being nice and kind in this month because they are making a giveaway thing for other people.. now i just post one of the giveaway which I join it... it is from shoezisme! the giveaway is about to win two pair of our favorite shoes from shoezisme! excited right? hehehe..

this is my favorite shoes from shoezisme.. it is AH-MAZING all the time wedges :D :D

why i love this shoes, it because the design looks like Fendi shoes for Spring Summer 2011 see the picture below this.. it looks the same right? i want this shoes but i know if i buy it via online i know the shipping cost will be expensive and i know the shoes not so cheap to buy.. so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :"(
but now i don't need to be sad anymore because shoezisme been realizing my wishes.. they make a shoe look similar to fendi shoes. now I AM HAPPY :D :D :D

my second favorite shoes from shoezisme are Candy Munching Heels! i don't know why i like these shoes, i just like the design, so stylish and necessary! love the studded and the sole so much. looked so comfortable to wear.. want these shoes very baaaaaaaaaaaaad... 

hopefully i can win the giveaway contes! wish me luck guys!! *praying* *fingercrossed*

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  1. whoaaa, hahaha, aku pasti jatuh kalau pakai sepatu itu :p


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