silver zebra

10:09 AM

got a lot of packages from Muaya Clothing, Decadadia, and Wondershoe yaaay! 
from Muaya Clothing i bought new brown clogs (will post on the next post), from Decadadia i finally bought Eternatela Signature Dress which is i can make 30-40 style from this with my creativity, from Wondershoe finally my ribbon sateen silver flat shoes has arrived (never thought that it will come faster) so happy with these three things.. :D :D 

as you know i made this long vest from my eternatela dress with long time i guess haha.. it was difficult to match the button and made this looks like a long vest but tadaaaaaa i made it! :D
and also i bought this zebra trouser from thrift store, i'm so lucky that i found this item because it's very very stylish, edgy, also the cute! BEST BUY ITEM :D
ooh i forgot something this lace top is best buy item too, look it's very vintage and edgy :)

lace long sleeve top - thrift store
long vest (eternatela signature dress) - decadadia
zebra trouser - thrift store
ribbon flatshoes - wondershoe

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  1. The flats look fabulous.I love the color and the pretty bow detail :)

  2. HI jessica, I loved your zebra pants! It´s amazing with the hat!!! You ROCK!
    Kisses from Brasil

  3.'re right! the zebra pants is edgy and cute :)
    and i love the eternatela dress :)

  4. love your decadadia vest!! you look effortlessly chic!

  5. thank you :D

    love your shoes from wondershoe <3
    love the color and the shape :D


  6. Wow!! I want the clogs Jessica!! ;D.... kisses dear..

  7. Hi Jessica!
    I accidentally found your blog. I love your style, you looked cool and chic at the same time.
    I think you're so creative to made the eternatela dress into a long vest. good job! ;)

  8. I love your pants. your style is so great. Keep posting, girl!

    xx Kartika

  9. @Dora : thank you so much dear :)

    @Danielle : thank yo so much dear hehe.. :)

    @gian : wow thank you so much, it is my best buy item hehe :D

    @Cindy : thank's a lot :D

    @riestya : thank you so much my dear and you're welcome hehe :)

    @AMINTA : hahaha go buy clogs in your country dear hehe :p

    @nidya : hehe thank you so much dear, it's very hard to make a long vest from eternatela dress, you should use your creativity to made this

    @Kartika : thank you dear, i will :D


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