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hey guys i have a very very great news! i've already graduated from high school yeaaaay! one step has elapsed, and now i have to focus for my lecture later.. hopefully I can be successful in the future and could become a professional fashion photographer or a model maybe :p

These are some photos I took during my graduation ceremony.. i came with mother, so sad that my father could not see my graduation but I know he would be proud for me in heaven.. i love you father and of course my mother too, i love both of you, i am officially graduated mom dad :") you guys should be proud of me yaaaay :D :D 

with all my friends :) i'm gonna miss you guys!

me and my mother :) 
sorry for my late post, these are some photos about my daily wear.. enjoy guys! :D :D

i love this boots so much!! i get it from online shop only IDR 70.000 so happy! best buy!

white shirt - borrow from my sister
short jeans - unbranded
cardigan - Cotton Ink 
boots - online shop 

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  1. congratz for your graduation Jes! :)

  2. congratulation for you :)

    love your cardigan so much :)
    it's edgy <3
    now i'm your followers :)
    visit mine ? :D


  3. congratulations for your graduation, Jess!
    Welcome to the jungle now ;)
    Anyway, you look good with the kebaya :D

  4. @gian: thank you so much dear :)

    @riestya : thank you so much dear, yes i already visited you and became your new followers dear :)

    @yoanda : thank you so much :) why you said "welcome to the jungle now" is that something wrong with college? hehehehe
    and thank you again for your compliment :)

  5. congratulations for your graduation!!


  6. congrats dear!!! you look stunning btw!

  7. congrats for you graduation! xo

  8. i love your boots, really :))

  9. kakak , beli bootsnya dimana? *maaf sksd :)


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