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8:31 AM

sorry for my late post, i want to post something but my store are getting busy! well i want to announce something to you guys, on May 28th 2011 i will sell some of my clothes and some of my clothing vintage store  in Garden Garage Sale at Radio Dalam Garden South Jakarta.. if you want to buy or just window shopping just come to my booth at Radio Dalam Garden and also there are so many cool store will be attended.. so mark your calendar on May 28th for Garden Garage Sale! please come come and meet me there people, i'm so glad if you come to my booth and we talk each other (and also don't forget to bring a lot of money to shop there and of course at my booth hehe) see you there guys.. i will wait for you guys :) 

abstract white blue top, red skirt - thrift store
belt and bracelet - unbranded
brown mary jane shoes - wimo

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  1. I adore the skirt - red is the best color ever !
    Also, the way you edited this photos is so funny - looks like you have a tunnel in your home !

    Hugs :*

  2. love your shoes so much <3
    is gorgeous :D


  3. I love the bright shade of red! And the garage sale sounds great - I can't wait to hear all about it!


  4. @Romana : thank you so much dear, ahahah yeah you're right i think it looks like i have tunnel in my house :)

    @riestya : thank you so much dear :D

    @Jo : thank you so much dear, do wait for my next post about the garage sale :)


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