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6:51 AM

so sorry for late post, well last weekend i went to Brightspot Market, they're celebrate their 2nd years anniversary! too bad that i'm not bring my camera huhuhu... anyway i bought some clothing from oneandahalf and cotton ink.. i guess you know that brand right? and when i went there, there are a lot of local brand sale it on Brightspot Market.. i knew it too bad i'm not brought my camera -___-"
anyway i will share what i bought on BSM in the next post.. i promise..

now i just want to share my daily wear, these photo are for my third vintage collection, you can shop it via facebook click here and for some update about my next collection or sale just follow my twitter store @phoskinny_shop

P.S all of these stuff are thrifted with very good conditions :D

navy blue stripe shirt and beige maxi dress - thrifted store
socks - sox galeri 
oxford shoes - quirky queenzy 

oh thank you for my S he always make my day so full of love even last week we through some big problem but because our commitment we are strong to passed :)

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  1. Of course dear... Following!!!
    Great style and blog!!!
    Kisses from Brasil

  2. thanks for your lovely comment dear! i love your shoes !

  3. Hello, you have very nice pics ! I like the way you united two pics in your previous post and I am in love with your wedges !

  4. hi jes..
    you look gorgeous...:)
    i'm a new follower...

  5. @Danielle: thank you so much dear! Kisses from Indonesia too :D

    @Cindy: you're so welcome dear and thank you so much! :)

    @Vale: ooh thank you so much dear :D

    @Rianna: thank you dear :)

    @Gian: thanks dear, i already follow you back :)


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Kisses, Jessica