7:33 AM

today my boy S come to my house, i'm so happy! even i'm not talking too much to him because i'm busy to managing my store and i must go to school for take the graduation invitation, but actually in my heart i was very very happy :)
i am very tired today, so much to do in this day! then i'm doing something fun for me and S haha. i took some picture of me and S.. make a silly face! look at this..

soo this is my first time i write a post about him (very personal huh?), he is very kind and loveable. i love him soo much! hopefully me and him will be everlasting! :D :D

ooh my mom made this for me! Spaghetti Bolognaise my favorite pasta yeaaaay... look so delicious yuuum :D

this is my daily wear enjoooy..

white lace blouse and baby purple trouser - thrift store
belt - unbranded
clogs shoes - grace and mercy

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  1. hey, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. you should brought your camera to brightspot. hope for the best to you and your BF :)


  2. *Drool* That bolognese looks DELICIOUS!!! Love your shirt and belt!!

    I would but i'm already following you love!! It's the ZizzisCloset profile! :)xx

  3. you both are cote together :) love your daily outfit too,the clogs and pants look fit on you.
    visit mine,and feel free for follow.

  4. @Lisa and Kirana: yeah i should, i regret that i'm not brought my camera so sad :(. oh thank you so much dear :D

    @Zizzi : thank you dear, haha i'm forgot that you are already following me. sorry my bad hihi :p

    @Joy: thank you so much dear. :)

  5. follow you back sweetie ;) keep contact!


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