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hello there :) how's your day? fine or bad? well actually it almost weekend! time to relax from school or work right? well since i'm graduated from school i almost spent all of my time was at home, being lazy isn't good right? well i am a lazy girl i think, my bad habit actually, since i graduated from school my bed time became so chaotic, i almost online until 1 or 2 pm. well this is not good for my health -.-

i want to sleep earlier but my eyes do not want to close, then i prefer to go online, browsing or online shopping than sleeping earlier.. but i want to change to be better, you know for my health and being healthy person. but it was too hard, well i must trying again another time.. *wish me luck* :)

by the way today i've been so busy, preparing for my first time garage sale tomorrow!!! the event is called "Garden Garage Sale" the place is at Taman Radio Dalam no 6 Jakarta Selatan (in english Radio Dalam Garden number 6 South Jakarta) it's from 12 pm - till drop!!

as you know my store PHOSKINNY SHOP will be attend too, i will sell some of my clothes, vintage clothes, shoes, and bags start from IDR 25.000 until 200.000 really cheap right?
sooooooo be there guys~!! i will wait for you and buy some of my stuff :D
and of course you can talk to me about next collection hehe.. see you guys :D

by the way got package today from COTTON INK it's my peach gemma top yaaay! :D :D
i love this sleeveless shirt because the two tone color, front is peach and back is creme color plus 2 pocket on the bottom for the detail.. cute huh? :D


the best part! creme on the back :D

peach gemma top - cotton ink
polkadot dress worn as long outerwear - thrift store
highwaist jeans - thrift store
socks - sox galeri
brown clogs - muaya clothing

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  1. I love pois!
    kiss from Italy


  2. Reeeeally cute outfit, and the shoes are adorable!

    pass by

  3. thank you!

    great outfit <3
    love your peach top and your polkadot dress :)
    it is a good mix <3


  4. cantik banget!!!

    aku sangat suka blog ini!


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