today is Jane day!

12:05 AM

this is the trouser pants which i bought at Brightspot Market from Cotton Ink.  I'm wearing with blouse from ThankGod It'sMonday store. thrifted store from facebook! do shop both of them in here and here :D

You know i'm so in love with shoes, and i just bought this shoes from IWEARUP. i love that brand so much, the shoes design are so cute, comfy, and light. do shop in here too guys!

the name of this shoes is Jane Grey you can find her on their webstore :) 

vintage blouse - ThankGod It'sMonday
grey trousers - Cotton Ink 
belt - unbranded
Jane Grey wedges - IWEARUP

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  1. The shoes are really fabulous :)

  2. woaaa...
    I love Up too :)
    they look pretty on you ..

  3. love your top
    great it a lot

    already followed your blog..wish you can follow me back

    Thank You :D

  4. Hi! We are brazillian girls and we loved your blog!!! We are following you, can you follow us??
    P.S: Where are you from?
    Amanda & Kelin from Brazil

  5. @Dora : thank you so much!

    @gian aryanti : woah thank you so much! i love that brand dear!

    @Diana : thank you so much dear! :D

    @Linh : woah thank you so much

    @Miss Aa : already follow you back and thank you so much dear :)

    @My Design : woah thank you so much dear! :D :D i'm from Indonesia :)

  6. blouse is so cool!
    beautiful blog!
    I follow you!do you follow me?
    kisses from Italy

  7. @InStyle : thank you so much dear! already following you back :)
    Kisses from Indonesia

  8. your blog and your blouse!!!
    I´m following you : ) I would love if you could visit my blog and follow me back....


thank you for your lovely comment! i'm so glad that you are visit my blog and leave some comment. keep visit my blog another time!

Kisses, Jessica