Color Block

6:57 AM

trying my new tangerine pleated flare pants from Cloche Cloche it really nice material and design! looovee this so much... :)
oh ya mixed this with my red blazer gifted from my boyf <3 love this blazer so much because it soooo vintage hehe (i am a vintage addict) so this it! the result of tangerine flare pants and my red blazer tadaaaa.... :D

and also my mom made this homemade soup cream! sorry if the food doesn't look so yummy in this picture but my mom is a really good chef i think, the taste of this soup was soooooooooo delicious! yuuumm... :9

red blazer - gifted 
navy blue blouse - thrifted
tangerine pleated flare pants - Cloche Cloche
platform shoes - online shop

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  1. i want to wear flare pants too, but i don't know how to mix it :(
    thanks. you give an idea :)

  2. hi Jess! love your combine them all together, so fierce! :)
    oh really? say hi to your friend then :p
    gasibu tuh deket gedung sate, kalo hari minggu pagi itu dipake jualan trus ada flea market nya gituu, seru! wah mau kuliah dmn? klo aku masih di bandung yuk ketemuan ;)

    la femme by nadyagita

  3. omygosh, wow, this is genius. amazing outfit.

  4. nice outfit :D .now im following you dear :) mind to follow me back ? thanks before .
    i really love your blog btw <3 .
    mau kuliah dimana kamu ? :)

  5. More people need to start wearing crazy colors like these.. I love them all..

    All the best, Angel

  6. love the color of ur blazer , Red Attack hihihi :)

  7. what a nice color blocking <3
    i love this outfit <3
    esp i love the blazer and the pants !
    so gorgeous <3


  8. Hi Jess :) thank you for your comment!
    Ahh your flare pants, I love the color of it. Warnanya mirip sama yang dipakai Roksanda Ilincic di resort 2012 collection. It's cool :D

  9. hi honey!
    this color block rocks!! love orange and this mix is perfect!!!

    great post!
    i'm following you by google friends, hope you'll do the same if you'll like mine!!
    sweet italian kisses

    Syriously in Fashion

  10. love this color blocking! never thought that red and orange are perfect buddies! :D

  11. u're soo preety and u have a nice blog :)

    can u visit to my new fashion blog?
    and follow if you love my new blog


  12. great colorblocking! im in love with the colors
    Watermelon Thunder

  13. love the piccas:)
    nad the cream soup looks yummy:)

  14. i started to follow
    it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33 i like ur blog and i need your help
    i am a russian model in its beginning and had a blog for a long time
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    Polina Yunusova

  15. ooh that pants looks great on you!
    i love the little wave on the surface ;)


  16. Thank you for your comment. Cool color combination. Many or most foods look pretty bad but taste great :-)


    Fashion Nostalgia

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  18. @Mita: wow with my pleasure dear, good luck for trying flare pants ;)

    @Nadya: aah deeply thanks ka nadya ;) aku bakalan kuliah di stisi telkom ka, yuk yuk i would be so glad to meet you! :) <3

    @Lottie: thank you so much! :)

    @Ade : i already followed you too my dear and thanks for your compliment :) aku mau kuliah di stisi telkom bandung hehe :D

    @Angel, Riestya and Tara : thank you so much guys :) <3

    @Nidya : Oh really! wow i think it's the best buy item right? looks a like Roksanda Ilincic on resort 2012 hehe

    @Syrious : thank you so much! and with my pleasure i'm doing the same thing to your blog :)

    @Steffi : thank you dear! you should play color blocking w/ ur outfit :)

    @Bethanovia : wow thanks! i already visited yours and be one of your followers :D

    @Zhay and Fifiey : thank you so much guys :) <3

    @Pollina : i will help you dear, thanks for following me and i will following you right now! :D

    @Stevia : thank you so much gorgeous! :) <3

    @Jerrica : thank you dear your so kind :) <3

  19. wow beautiful color block outfit!
    I LOVE it so much!!!! i would totally wear this!

    Am your newest follower!
    I hope we can be blogger friends and follow each other.:)


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