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9:09 AM

trying my colorful vintage blouse got it from thrift store (yes i am a big fan of thrift store), i love this top because it looks like batik pattern and also the color are unusual and unique.. loving this so much and will wear this for casual time.. :)

anyway got this loafer shoes from online shop, and i got this for only IDR 40 K very cheap huh? well i know because it used goods so the quality of that shoes was not so good.. but it doesn't matter! haha cause i can fix it with artisan shoe sole (is this true? i don't know what is the translation of  "tukang sol sepatu" and i used google translate and the result is this) or indonesian people called them "tukang sol sepatu" they mean a lot for our shoes  we can pay it more cheap than fix it in the mall right? hehe :p

colorful vintage top - thrift store
grey jegging - Pasar Baru Bandung
vintage brown bag - online shop
loafers shoes - online shop

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  1. i love this outfit , the trousers are amazing, i love the have a great style totally jealous,


  2. love the shoes!

  3. i love this look <3
    esp i love your shoes and your top :)
    it so gorgeous :D
    i adore this style :)


  4. Lovely outfit and amazing shoes!!


  5. Loving the top.. I love that you shop at thrifts.. People are so afraid of shopping there and always say the clothes is nasty and dirty but you really find one of a kind pieces...

    All the best, Angel

  6. love your batik top :D yeah, US was a cool country :D
    btw, I have followed you. do you wanna exchange link too? :)

    have a nice day!

  7. wow ! i love this outfit so much , especially your bag ♥

    visit mine :)


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