Featured : winner Fashion Tag Of The Week by Gogirl! Magz

1:55 AM

a few days ago i was elected for fashion tag of the week by Gogirl Magazine yayness... :D :D 
i can't believe it because you know this fashion tag category on Gogirl Magazine website was so hard and so many fashionista and stylish girl were uploading their photo in here and compete with me.. and i was shock and surprised when Gogirl pick me for this week a few days ago.. hopefully i can be a Fashion Tag Of The Month and win their prizes amiin.. wish me luck guys :D :D

this is my outfit for the fashion tag of the week, right on this post

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  1. Hi Jessica.. Congrats to you on being elected for fashion tag of the week ;)
    Yang di lookbook clothing line, iya itu nadya. She's my senior at college hehe.. I'm waiting for your order loh yaa ;p
    Have a lovely weekend dear <3

  2. congrats!!


  3. awch! this is pretty cool!

    makasih ya jessica but komen di blognya kemarin hari, maaf br bisa blogwalking skrg >.<

    have a great day!!!

  4. wow love your outfit! its cool and looks like its really comfortable. luv it!

    check mine if you dont mind :)


  5. Congrats!!This is so cool.I love your outfit in this photo

  6. congratulations ya :) i hope you can win the fashion tag of the month :))


  7. congrats for you dear <3
    you deserve it :)


  8. already found your lookbook..and became your newest fan :D
    wish you can do the same whenever you had a chance :)

    this outfit is so super..really love it..specially your maxi dress :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  9. @Nidya : thank you so much ka, will order it at beginning of the month hehehe...

    @Gian, Cee Harvey, and Cindy Karmoko : thank you guys :) <3

    @Ario : thank you ka ario, and with my pleasure hehe :)

    @Atikah : aw thank you thank you dear :) <3 already checked heheh..

    @Dora : thank you dear <3

    @L & K : amiiin thank you so much dear <3

    @riestyaap : thank you dear, you always be kind to me <3 <3

    @miss Aa : already fanned you too dear.. and thank you so much for you lovely comment :* <3

  10. waaahh kamu jangkung bangeeett...*envy*. congrats yaa jd fashion tag of the week

    btw, pleated skirtnya beli dmn? bagus :)


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