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4:30 AM

hello everyone how's your weekend? i'm so sorry for late post, i've been out of Jakarta last weekend, i went to Bandung. i went there for surveying my college and my next temporary home.. well it was fun, finally have a time to spend my holiday with my family hehe... so tell me how's your weekend guys? :)

by the way i am home on Saturday so i went to Area Local at Lapiazza Kelapa Gading on Sunday :D :D
yes Area Local was soooooo great! so many local brand was selling on there, local from Indonesia... :)

and i bought so many things from there, well i will post it on next post! now i just post one of my things that i bought on Area Local.. i looooooovveeee this flowery fringe top from Kanthil Bloemen..
it's very unique right! well i'm so proud wearing my fashion things from local brand because the quality was so damn goooood.. well the quality and the price sometimes is not balancing, sometimes i found a local brand with very good quality and with affordable price, but sometimes is not.. well i think even it is not affordable price but it's worth it to buy.. just support our local brand and i loooooooveee all local brand :D :D

grey bowler hat - unbranded
black and white fringe top - Kanthil Bloemen
blue trouser - DECADADIA
accesories and bags - bloopendorse and unbranded
stella black heels - IWEARUP

P.S : i will out of Jakarta again on 10th until 14th June, hopefully i can share my holiday things on next post :) see yaa...

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  1. lovely outfit dear :)


  2. nice top!

  3. Proud of local brand! :D love your hat

  4. Linda, adoreei seu blog, e todas as dicas que você dá aqui, tô apaixonada pelo seu cantinho, parabéns!
    Estou te seguindo, me siga tbm..beijinhos

  5. love your top!


  6. Jessica, thank you so much for your comment on my blog..

    Anyway, I love this outfit.. Local brand from head to toe!!! Awesome!!

    Happy holiday :)

  7. @Gian: thanks my dear :D

    @riestya and lisa and kirana : thank you so much :)

    @mutiara : wow thanks :D proud of local brand too

    @elizabeth : well i'm using google translate to understand your languange, by the way it really nice to know you and i will follow your blog :D

    @Shanti : ah you're welcome, anyway thank you so much hehehe :D Happy Holiday too


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