Labs Project 2011

10:04 AM

went to Labs Project 2011 an event every once a year from Labschool Rawamangun Jakarta, and it was awesome! well i came with my boyf S <3 and my boyfriend's band manager also meet my schoolmates. This event was a big event, a lot of people was came to this event, i mean it! really really a lot of people!

the crowd was sick! 
me and S <3

my boyfriend's band manager and S 
me! haha
went into there cause i want to watch my favorite band called THE S.I.G.I.T (The Super Insurgent Group Of  Intemperance Talent) cool name huh?  and of course they have cool songs! indie band always have a better concept thank commercial band in indonesia, well i don't intend to offend or insult's the commercial band, but i think indie band always have a better concept from them, maybe the commercial band must do their job from what people and company want. that is my opinion, no offense to commercial band, really i  just talk what i think about it :)

Rekti THE SIGIT my new role model haha

by the way labspro (that's what people called that event) showed a fashion show by Forever 21 and Bershka here's the picture.. sorry for blurring picture, the models moved so quickly -___-"

this is my look for that day! being casual not so vintage i think :p 

striped top and blue jeans outerwear - thrift store
grey jeggings - Pasar Baru Bandung
accessories - Bloop Endorse
mulberry replica bag - online shop
converse shoes - online shop

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  1. i love your casual look <3
    esp i love the top and converse !
    and you look so pretty dear :)


  2. hahaha, the way u call ur BF reminds me of diana rikasari. she always use "S" to symbolize her boyfriend *now fiance already*. anyway ini acara penuh bgt orang ya? hahaha...hope u always have a good time!

  3. Amazing bag!!!!!
    Lovely blog, follow!
    Hope you follow me back!

  4. love your casual look. great bag and striped top..

  5. @riestyaap : oh thank you dear, you're so sweet :) <3

    @Ario: hehe it because the first letter of my boyfie's name is S too hehe.. bener bgt ka ario penuh banget orang soalnya acara besar sih hehe :p

    @Kasia : thank you dear, i already following you back and by the way you're having a lovely blog to <3

    @Laras arum : thank you so much dear <3 :*


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