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sorry i'm out of town from 10th until 14th June, i went to my father's childhood town, it is Madiun.. after all these years i rarely been there, now i can went there again.. i went there with my mom and my aunts from my father's family, because my aunts have an appointment with her old friend on high school and my mother has invited to my father's friend wedding (not his wedding but his son's wedding) well i wanted to be there too for my holiday hehe.. 

and after so many years ago i only remembered a few memories of my grandmother's house, when i was there i remembered a lot! hahaha.. 

my parent's wedding :D

my aunt and my mom when my father's friend son wedding
and also i have tried so many traditional food and drink from there, i've tried pecel madiun, satay ponorogo (satay ponorogo is made from chicken meat), dawet ice,  and many more. i'm so sorry i only post this satay ponorogo photos and dawet ice.. but it's look like so yummy! and i want to eat sate ponorogo again hehe..

by the way i post this outfit wearing this black lace blouse from flea market, yeah i dunno why i'm so in love with lace thing haha.. and i borrowed this hermes replica bag from my sister, i'm not saying this is the real hermes bag, you know it was the fake one but also with good quality. i just want you to know that i'm not a fake people said that it was a original bag but the truth is that bag was a fake.. 

grey bowler hat - unbranded
lace black blouse, vintage belt - thrift store
creamy pleated short - Chocochips boutique
red bag - borrow from my sister
lola boots - June + Julia

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  1. NO problem, the fake bag is so cute + love the red to your style <3

    Thanks for visiting me =)

  2. wow that's fierce!!
    love the combination of lace top, red bag, and the boots. you're so great :)
    thanks for your lovely comment anyway ;)


  3. @SHIKI : thank you soooo much and you're welcome :)

    @nadya: thank you ka nadya cantik hihi, with pleasure ka :) <3


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