zebra in my life

2:48 AM

i am truly sorry for not updating my blog for a while, i've been busy last week even i can't take some picture for blog or updating my blog, you know i really miss my blog so much especially my lovely reader's whom always give me some comment.. i really really appreciate it :))
sorry for being a bad blogger *sigh* cause i have to do some photo editing for the band and take care of my online store..

finally i have a free time for updating my blog yayness.. really miss my blog :)
sooo i bought this zebra legging a few weeks ago from online shop, and yeah i totally in love with zebra print! anything if there is a zebra print i will buy it!! muahahaha...

ooh i almost forgot i bought this sweater from The Goods Dept by Nikicio collection NN:02 and got 50% discount yeaaaaay! very lucky  huh? :D :D

grey bowler hat - unbranded
off white sweater (NN:02) - NIKICIO 
zebra legging - online shop
lola boots - June + Julia

oh i am also featured again for winning fashion tag of the week by Gogirl Magazine, really really shock when i know about this! so happy, surprised, and feeling sooo lucky for this month... alhamdulillah *tears of joy* :')

hopefully i can be a fashion tag of the month! amiin O:) 
my outfit for the fashion tag of the week in this post 

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  1. nice zebra legging :) i'm your new follower btw, nice blog :)

  2. thanks for your comment :) cool leggings! def following.

  3. the litas are amazing as are the outfits!

  4. totally love the zebra outfit!
    necklace is amazing!!!

    Syriously in Fashion

  5. your style is awessommeee ! loving those zebra leggings so much !

    www.glisters and blisters.com

  6. Hi Jess :) congrats again for being elected as the winner of "fashion tag of the week", you really deserved it..
    Btw I love your "love" ring, it's so cool!
    Have a nice weekend, gorgeous xx


  7. you always have wonderful style :D im also one who loved zebra *LOL* . and by the way , where did you get your shoes dear ? im want that one <3

    and about my wish , i didnt get it :( im not lucky this time T,T . did you get it dear ? :) i hope you get it . amin .


  8. love the zebra legging!! :D


  9. Thanks for the comment :-) You're not a bad blogger life happens. But Congrats on the win!

    Fashion Nostalgia

  10. thank you for the follow, jess!
    and yes of course I'll follow you back

    and congratz for winning fashion tag of the month!!


  11. whoaa congratulations for the fashion tag! you do have such a great style. hope you'll be winning the fashion tag of the month yaay! :D

    sure,we can follow each other.that would be nice :) i've followed you,gorge!

  12. love the pants! can't believe they're making copies of the litas though haha. xx opinionslave

  13. @stephanie, zhay, Lottie, and Syrious : thank you so much for following me and your nice comments guys :) <3

    @michelle : thank you so much! already joined it :)

    @nidya : thank you ka nidya :) <3 have a nice weekend too :D

    @ade : wow deeply thanks for that dear <3 i bought that shoes from june and julia :D
    well, don't be sad maybe god have another best way for you, spirit! no i'm not joined the snmptn test but i got my dream college alhamdulillah :)

    @Sukhwa and nyanzi : thank you so much guys :D

    @Jerrica: with my pleasure, ah deeply thanks for that :)

    @Stevia: thank you so much for following me back, you're beautiful and also have a lovely look :D thank you so much! :)

    @Steffi : thank you so much dear, amiin hopefully i can! wish me luck hehe :D

    @Francesca: thank you so much, well lita's isn't affordable for my money so i bought this :D


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