another pleated

10:57 PM

looking for something vintage look and i always found all of the vintage things in thrited store, well i found this pleated skirt on thrift store, i'm looking for the maxi pleated but i didn't find them so i just bought this midi pleated skirt but i think it's gorgeous too.. look what i did with this pleated skirt :) lovely right? hehehe...

soo how's your activity guys? well now i'm getting busy with my college, i must go to Bandung searching for my new temporary home for my college, take care my online store, and take photographs for my friend's band.. but i think when i move to bandung i must left my lovely job and yes i think i must stop taking the photographs for my friend's band :"( so sad.. because they are mean a lot to me, they're nice, wise, humble, and funny peoples i've ever met! and also i've learned so much from my friend's band about photograph, without them i never learned how to operate my dslr with good.. *sorry for my bad english*

sooo have a nice holiday everyone, i know it's holiday because the schools are off and will start the new school year.. (sorry for my bad english again) and so do i in college! wish me luck guys :)

Mustard Blouse - Blogger Yard Sale
Vintage Belt and Black Pleated Midi Skirt - thrift store
Grey Socks - Sox Galerry
Lola Boots - June + Julia

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  1. why'd you always says "sorry for your English." Trust me, you are good. Be proud. :)
    Anyway, I really envy how those vintage pieces on Jakarta are really beautiful and affordable. It's really hard to find things like that here in my town :|


  2. so adorableeeee <3
    love this look esp love the top <3


  3. lovely ring!
    and your pleated skirt is kools :D
    nice to know your blog

  4. I really love the mustard shirt :)

  5. Wow, that skirt is beautiful! You look amazing!


  6. i love the yellow and black combo! :)
    hiya.. aq di bandung juga lhooo
    kuliah di mana gitu?? maybe I can help finding new kos! :)


  7. Thank you for your comments dear. Great thrift find love that Pleated skirt. Your waist is so tiny! Good luck with finding housing and with school.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  8. love those rings!! all the outfit is spectacular :D I'm following!

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)


  9. Love your boots and great outfit.
    anyway, i saw you on rated stylish at gogirl!. congrats ya.
    gudluck for your college

  10. i like ur mustard blouse, love the color so muchhhh :)
    btw congratz for being featured at Rated Stylish gOGIRL magazine .

  11. @Mita : thank you so much :) <3

    @Yoanda : because i think my english still very bad, i didn't know well about grammar but thanks for reminding me :) <3

    @valonia : nice to know your blog too, really love your pleated collections! :D and thanks by the way :D

    @Dora, Stephanie, Rachel : thank you so much guys <3 <3

    @Stevia : thank you dear, oh really! we should meet up and sharing about fashion things hehe, by the way aku udh dapet kosannya :D thanks for your help anyway

    @Jerrica: yes my waist are so tiny hehe :p but i love my waist so much! my best asset :D thank you so much :) <3

    @Sick by Trend : thank you so much, i'm following you too :)

    @laras : thank you soooo much dear :) <3

    @Tara : thank you soo much tara, you're so kind to me :D

    @Allysa : thank you my best dearest friend :) <3


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