be(late)d birthday

1:38 AM

yes i'm 18 years old now! yaaayness :D

agree with this haha.. i won't grow old but i must right? 

this picture is funny but also tell the truth, so many notifications on my facebook from my friends blessing my birthday!
thank you soooooo much guys :D <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MEEEE!!! yeaaay! i know it's very late for my birthday post, actually my birthday was held on 11th July, yes it's very late isn't ? hmm but it's okay i didn't something important on my birthday haha.. just doing some lazy thing at my house with S ;p yes he's came to my house and brought me a birthday gift by his self, a homemade papercraft! it's very cute actually! sorry i didn't have the picture cause i'm out of the town right now, i'm at Bandung right now for registration my college and buying some stuff for my temporary house.

well back to topic now.. actually my birthday is not so special, but still special cause until now Allah always blessing my life for 18 years and i hope for a looooong life and i still have my mom and my family even my father has gone but i know he's always bless me for a good life :") very miss him but i only can pray to Allah for him.. love you papa! and alhamdulillah the people around me blessing me for my new age to be a better person for next time.. thank you guys! love ya :D :D

ooh maybe i will make a giveaway for my birthday post, do you agree if i make a giveaway? not so big giveaway but i will buy one or two stuff for the giveaway.. agree guys???

image courtsey : weheartit

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  1. happy birthday to you :)
    I absolutely agree for your giveaway yay!

  2. happy birthday! hope you have a wonderful birthday :)

  3. happy belated birthday jessicca!!! :)

  4. Happy belated 18th birthday!! That first picture of Happy Birthday doodle looks so cute :)

  5. Aaaww 6 days difference from my birthday, happy birthdaaayyy and sorry if it's late. Btw thanks for the birthday wish :)

  6. what a great birthday present!
    give away is a great idea dear.

  7. hahaha, the last one is funny <3

    Happy Birthday dear :)

  8. happy birthday sweety! enjoy your new age ;)

    anyway check mine if you have a chance sweety :)

    love you blog.


  10. @mita : thank you, i will make it maybe 1 or 2 next post, wait and see :)

    @stephanie, lisa and kirana, and ima : thank you soooo much guys :) <3

    @mutianugrabita : hehehehe.. we have a same zodiac i think, you're welcome thank you for blessing me too :) <3

    @Ariyanti: thank you so much, just wait and see for the giveaway

    @Caroline : thank youuuuuuu :)

    @Carissa : thank you soo much :D

    @Dana : thank you dana :) i will check it dear :) <3


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