blue is my favorite color

9:21 PM

like i told you on previous post i will wear a turban, but i think this is not a turban but a headband looks like a turban, maybe on my next post i'm wearing turban..

went to JakCloth an event from Fruit Tea company, this event always have a blast! so many people going on there and why it's a blast, it because this event only held once a year, this even was held in 3 days only.. from 8 July until 10 th July! soo this is the last day, and if you want to shopping with a cheap price this is the place for shopping! hehehe.. 

i will share what i bought from JakCloth and what's on in JakCloth on the next post..
this is my look when i was at JakCloth on 9 July..

blue headband - Thyo Pernik
long sleeve top - Kidnapped Ally 
studded necklace, aviator glasses - JakCloth
rock ring - Online Shop
blue highwaist short - Thrift Store
legging - unbranded
boots - Online Shop

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  1. nice blue color :D

    sweet and sugars,

  2. this is such a great outfit! you look so amazing.

  3. hi dear ! i dont why i really love your style , you make it perfect but its not "too much" . you make yourself looks so amazing dear :)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE :D haha

  4. i loooooove your outfit & your headband is simply gorgeous :):)

  5. nice looks! you look pretty with the turban :)

    Joie de Vivre

  6. love the pops of blue! following your blog, i love your style :)


  7. you look so cute with that outfit :) aaah, i missed Jakcloth!

  8. Nice looks :)


  9. youre nd your quirky style are cute :)

  10. @dias and lottie: thank you so much guys :) <3

    @ade : DEEPLY THANKS FOR THAT! thank you for loving my style, you're so kind to me :) <3

    @michelle and sartob : thank you so much guys :) <3

    @diana and eva: thank you so much :)

    @Tamara : thank you tamara! i am your new followers too :D

    @Indah, Angelica and Pretty: thank you soo much guys :) <3


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