11:30 PM

hello guys i will announce the winner of my very first giveaway!!!

the winner iiiiiiisss... *drum roll please*

1. Mitha Komala winning the gun ring
2. Bertha Wahyudi winning the camera ring
3. Mita Adindayu winning the camera ring

yeaaaay congratulations guys, all of your point are bigger than anyone else.. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!

should check out your email, i send the email to ask your home address and your phone, and thank you so much for all who are join it this giveaway, i really really appreciate it!!

see you on next giveaway guys! keep reading my blog! LOVE YA :)))

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  1. thanks a lot kak Jessica :D
    really a great news!!!
    always love your blog post

  2. hooray! thanks a lot :) I'll keep reading your posts for sure

  3. its not me *LOL*
    congratulation for the winner :)

  4. Yaaay! :) thank you kak, i had so much fun :D

  5. hello jessica, thanks ya untuk comment nya :) selamat berpuasa juga kita juga mohon maaf lahir batin, semoga puasanya lancar. keep stylish!

  6. congratulations for the winner!
    i have just followed your blog dear

    style frontier


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