Featured : Rated Stylish by Gogirl Magazine

10:11 AM

From Left to the Right i wore: 
1. Kanthil Bloemen Flower Fringe, Decadadia Trouser, Quirky Queenzy Oxdord Shoes
2. Unbranded Grey Bowler Hat, Gifted Red Blazer, Thrifted White Blouse, Thrifted Zebra Trouser, Wimo Mary Jane Shoes
3. Beranda FML Headband, Sex Pistol's Shirt, Vintage Belt, Thrifted Highwaist Short Jeans, JuneJulia Lola Boots
4. Thrifted Brown Blouse, Thrifted Polkadot Outerwear, Vintage Belt, Thrifted Highwaist Jeans, Quirky Queenzy Oxford Shoes
5. Thrifted Lace Black Blouse, Vintage Belt, Chocochips Boutique Creme Skort, Vintage Black Bag, JuneJulia Lola Boots
6. Beranda FML headband, Giraffe Necklace, Thrifted Jeans Outerwear, Unbranded Stripe Shirt, Unbranded Leopard Skirt, Quirky Queenzy Oxford Shoes
7. Thrifted Blouse, Thrifted Pleated Black Midi Skirt, Vintage Belt, Vintage Black Bag, Wimo Mary Jane Shoes

yes as you saw the photos above, you know what i will told you hehehe... i am featured by Gogirl Magazine on Rated Stylish article, well when their crew email me to confirm the rated stylish article i was shock, surprised, and happy at the same time.. why i'm so shock and surprised and happy? cause i'm still a newbie in blogsphere, especially i'm the newbie for fashion fashion blogging, but i think i must be proud of myself, to reach up to here is a pride of the incalculable, i really can not believe what i've done! i really proud of my self, really!

you know sometimes i always have feel inferior, cause i think there's still a lot of talented people, talented than me and better than me, but what?? god always beside me, give me this was really really my big proud!! THIS FEATURED REALLY MEAN A LOT TO ME!!! thank you so much for readers, peoples who gave positive/negative comment which i really appreciate it and last but not least thank you for all who always supported me.. *tears of joy*

funny story about this featured :
when i was got home from magazine store and convenience store to bought the magazine my mom and my  sister have a little fighting for saw my first look in the magazine 
Mom : hurry up! mom want to see you first!
Sister : no mom! me first because she bought that magazine with my money so i see first!
Mom : hey every mother must see it first when my children are in the magazine! so mom see first okay! 
Sister : *take the magazine and finally she saw me first in the magazine* 

what a joke, fighting for not so important thing but it's kinda funny, cause both of them are really supported me hehehe.. thanks mom and sis :')

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  1. This is so great.Congratulations!!!You should be very proud of yourself :)

  2. congrats dear and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!


  3. Hehe cute exchange between your sister and mum. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats dear!


  5. wohoooo congratulations,gorgeous! you deserve it.good job and great style yay!! :D

  6. Congrats on your feature!
    By the way, ini blog nya kok fonta nya lucu amat siih? ;)


  7. @Dora and Cindy : Thank you so much guys! i am :)

    @jamie lee : hehe.. thank you so much :) <3

    @Angelica Tambs : thank you so much :) <3

    @Steffi : deeply thanks for that dear, you're so kind to me :) :')

    @Nidya : makasih ka nidya :D

    @Tiger: thank you so much hehehe.. iya bisa disetting di customize blognya kok :)

  8. wow your style is just... different!! <3
    and congratulations! =)

  9. congratulation dear :D
    you make a great job !! :)

  10. hey congrats! :) i love your blog, and your outfits are really great! followed you ;)

  11. @Anastasia and Mutia : thank you so much :) <3

    @Ade Kurnia : thank you so much dear, you're so kind to me :) <3

    @Angela : thank you sooooooooooo much :))) <3 <3

    @nadyagita : thank you so much ka nadya :D

  12. you're so cool! :)



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