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just a quick post before i sleep, got nothing to do haha (like always) well wearing this oversize giraffe blouse that i found at Pasar Senen, looks so big and so oversize for me, but i think my body not so tiny (or thin maybe) for wearing this blouse...

sorry for bad quality picture

and do you recognize what shoes that i've been wearing? yes that's my Stella Black from IWEARUP, yep yep i bet you know about IWEARUP right! haha.. those shoes on iwearup website are really really make me drooling over, you know if i see this website, i always want to click shop then pick the shoes that i like it soooo much! (too bad i didn't have much money to buy it all T_T) 
and i am a big fan of IWEARUP shoes, why? because until now i have 6 pairs of iwearup shoes and now i'm waiting for Polly Black to arrive in front of my door house yippieeeeee.. look how cute she is right???? 

oh i want to tell you something because i want to filter my following on my twitter, to people who knows me with personally and want to knows me better you can follow my new twitter @paramarthaaa because in my old account there's so much strangers account that i don't know them with personally, because of some reasons i decided to deactivate my old twitter on 1st August later, you can follow my new twitter now or later it's your choice :) 

this is my new twitter account @paramarthaaa

and thank you so much for Nia for giving me an award for my blog, deeply thanks for this badge dear i really really appreciate this :) <3 <3 *hugs and kisses* 

P.S : you can still join my giveaway here guys! it will be closed on 1st August, so hurry up before the time runs out hehe :) <3

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  1. this is so amazing! you blow me away!

  2. love the girrafe print blouse! <3

  3. congrats for the award , and u look gorgeous on ur girrafe print outer <3 i love it a looot <3

    Journal J

  4. 6 pairs of iwearup shoes? wow! would you give me 1? :D

  5. Shoesaholic, huh? hehehe. I bet every girl does the same thing like ya do! :) Love your top by the way!

    crunchy cheese me

  6. Gorgeous outfit - your blouse is very cool, I love the print :)

  7. lovely your original style!!! follow you!!! ;O)

  8. Your pants and blouse looks awesome!

  9. sure:) will keep on visiting your blog! u got a great blog btw, following u now :)

  10. You have very original style! Great!

  11. that blouse fots you perfect! i love it long like that:) and the print is just too beautiful:) giraffes are quite amazing animals:)


  12. love your blouse!

  13. woahhhhh i love ur giraffe blouse and i'm agree with u Up shoes by Diana Rikasari is really good shoes.

  14. i love polly tooo ! :) xo

  15. cool , love this post , love your style :)

  16. the giraffe blouse looks good on you :) and i love your pants! nice post!

  17. Giraffe paint? Fuckin' cute. Right? lol

  18. i looove your outerwear! :)
    and such lovely shoes!

    congratz on your award, dear


  19. Cute! You seem to have pretty long legs, kayak jerapah. I've always wanted to go to Pasar Senen, tapi gak ada yang mo nemenin, dan gak berani pergi sendirian. :(

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  20. @Lottie, Gabriella, Julian, and Dewanti : thank you so much guys :) <3

    @Mita : hoho sorry i can't :p

    @Eva, Lidiya, and Tessa : thanks guys :))

    @Galia : thanks you dear, and thanks again for following me :)

    @Silkybow : thank youuu :D

    @Julian : wow thanks, you have great blog too!

    @Jasmira : thank you so much! :)

    @Farah : thanks! yep giraffe is unique too :D

    @Alice : thank youuuu :)

    @Tara : thank you so much tara! yep i always love with her shoes collection. :D

    @Lisa and Kirana : yep me too :)

    @Vania, Angela, and Angelica : thank you guys :) <3

    @Stevia : thank you so much pretty! :* :)

  21. love your blouse and your pants <3
    where did you buy your pants?

  22. kak mw dong outer jerapanya :( dapet dmana?????


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