Two Tone Turbanizer

8:56 AM

just received some package and one of them are from L&K, i bought this two tone maxi outerwear! i'm in love with the color so much.. and i mixed this with very simple outfit i think, because if i mixed too much it will become a disaster i think, don't you agree guys?? oh yeah whatever.. and also i receive this minis vintage bag from online shop, very cute huh? :)


by the way i've been so sad this week which means very very sad, i lost my mom's flazz card (like debit card but more easy to pay on some store who applied this card) and got some trouble with my ex boyfie S, and yes i broke up with him so saad.. but i really sad if i keep the relationship goes, okey i think i don't have to tell the detail of the broken heart problem..

but now i'm a little bit happy now, my mom forgive me yaay alhamdulillah.. (because i felt guilty and not being a responsible person because of this and it made me very very bad person) and she give me an advice to be a responsible for next time and i will mom! i want you to trust me hehe.. wish me luck :)

by the way Paramore new song "Monster" is my new favorite song right now and of course the video too, i'm too excited because they will come to Jakarta on 19th August and guess what i will watch their concert!! yaynesss.. :D :D

P.S : the giveaway will be closed tomorrow, hurry up guys, more tweet more bigger chance :)

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  1. that outerwear is cool Jes! cocok banget kamu makenya...
    Oya, I'm sorry to hear bout you and your bf, but don't give up! there will be a rainbow after a hurricane dear :)

  2. I love your outerwear, superb !

  3. jessica kamu tinggi banget hahaha. thankyou ya udh beli outwearnyaaaa. happy to hear that you love it :) xo

  4. Nice outfit! by the way I love the song of Paramore as well, is awesome.

  5. great post again, Jess! <3


  6. another gorgeous look from your blog ! <3

    Journal J

  7. LOVE IT SO MUCH >.<

  8. i love your outerwear!
    colours are great!
    follow my blog:)

  9. lovely outwear dear :) you'll always look wonderful btw <3

  10. lovely outfit dear! i love your bag too :3 where'd you get that?

  11. i bet you're sooooooo tall. cool outfit!
    and soo sorry hearing that you broke up.. you'll find a better one i bet you. :) cheer up.

  12. I love this whoooooole outfit! But especially the maxi outerwear and bag. Super cute.

    Sorry to hear about your boyfriend :(

  13. You look beautiful! I hope everything improves soon lovely. x hivenn

  14. I love your outerwear <3


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