yellow in afternoon

5:45 AM

took some picture for my blog and try new background hehe.. by the way my boyfie S took these picture below! (thank you so much S love yaaa!!) i planned to took some picture for my store but i really tired cause i just got home yesterday from bandung so i just took only 4 outfit for my store (psst.. new season will be uploaded on thursday guys, stay tune!) but i will continue tomorrow.. for next season you can add my store on facebook (click here) or like the fans page here

by the way as i told you before i will make my first giveaway about my birthday right? well maybe 1 or 2 next post i will share what i make about the giveaway, i still think about what stuff will i give to you guys! just wait and you'll see :D

semi cropped yellow top - Phoskinny's Stuff
vintage belt - thrift store
acid wash jeans - Phoskinny's Stuff
lola boots - june + julia

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  1. always..
    some magazine told that put denim and denim is totally fashion dpn't
    but you just mixed it perfectly :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. so shinning, so stunning ;)

    anyway, would follow my lookbook? (so newbie)

  3. lovely demin combination!! kisses

  4. I really like that yellow shirt and it looks lovely on you. :)

  5. cute
    love the yellow and the acid wash

  6. love your top darling

  7. i love this outfit! your so gorgeous :)

  8. love the pieces from ur store! gotta visit it soon!

    u also got a gorgeous pair of shoes:)

    Journal J

  9. woahhhh love the color of ur top , HELLO YELLOW !!!! :)


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