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haha i know you will a little bit confuse with the title, i just combined the look that i posted today, it is my crochet top and my chocolate maxi skirt, soo i mixed them from crochet + chocolate into crocheate.. :)

do you know what's the best thing when i shopped at thrift store, it is when you found the "what's hot things" at thrift store and that things have the same model with branded collection, you know like Zara, H&M, Mango, or something like that which is i can't afford to buy some stuff from there, so i chose to buy it on thrift store and lucky me i found the same model like the branded collection.. (guys do you understand what i mean it here? because my english still bad, and i don't know how to translate those sentences, well i hope you understand)

and all of the outfit today most of all are from thrift store except the shoe, nothing the best than thrift store for 
me hehehe. but i still love to do online shopping or buy some branded stuff.. :)

this crochet top i found it at thrift store, very nice and very comfortable to wear!

crochet top - Pasar Gedebage
vintage belt - Pasar Senen
brown maxi skirt - Pasar Gedebage
bag - Pasar Senen
young brown heels - Marie Claire

and yes crochet things are happening right now!!! :D 

image source : google and lookbook 

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  1. Hey !
    I like your top, crochet stuff looks so great nowadays !

  2. fantstic look!!lovely your skirt!!

  3. thank you <3
    i love the whole of this look dear :D
    so adorable :D
    and you look so pretty :)


  4. don't worry, I understand what u mean :) oh wow..! your stuffs are gorgeous! I love your vintage bag,, and i am actually a big fan of crochets :) :)

  5. shop with us :) many korean trendy item .. grab fasssttt


  6. hehe i have 2 crochet top ( black and white ) and i like to wear it .
    i love your crochet top btw ,and your bag :D its looks so cute <3

  7. I am in LOVE with your crochet top
    and croachet!
    briliant. really


  8. great post, great look! love!! <3

  9. what a lovely outfit! keep posting :)

    btw, im your new follower.
    mind to visit mine back?

    xoxo, blushinglady

  10. lovely outfit. I like your crochet top and shoes.

  11. I got what u mean :D i love your skirt! I haven't been to any thrift store cos idk where I can find the, but yeah it feels good when u got cheap items that looks good on you <3

    thanks for your lovely comment:)
    I've got ur bbm yesterday hehe,thx for adding the bbm:)

  12. hey Jessica!! that's a beautiful blouse!! the look is so vintage and i adore it :)
    im following you now! :)
    keep on posting such great outfits girl!


  13. love the crochet top! great look :)

  14. Great pairing of the top and skirt! :)

  15. shop with us :) many korean trendy item .. grab fasssttt


  16. Wow, you look absolutely amazing! I love, love, love your top! Crochet is so amazing! Gorgeous bag, I am completely in love:) Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  17. nice crochet top, hmmm i'm totally agree with you , i think crochet top 'll be trend this year :)

  18. Beautiful top honey, love it. Nice outfit!

  19. ohh i love your legs! you look fab in that maxi skirt. and your crochet top is juat gorge,jess! love it. gonna find some too haha :D

  20. your outfit is gorgeous
    I love the bag

  21. really love the vintage feeling in the outfit!
    crochet is love



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