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8:14 AM

sorry for the late update, i've been so busy because i must take care my online store and Alhamdulillah the new season of my online store we're totally blast! only 1 pieces left on my new season stuff now, yeay!! :D
well i'm just hoping for the next time i still take care my online store, you know i'm very afraid for my college and afraid that i will not taking care my online store again, and hopefully my online store still going even i will busy with my task college later.. *finger crossed*

soooo.. how's it going? how are you guys? you know i've been missing blogging so much and i missing blogwalking!! really! i swear i missing you guys.. because this month is a fasting month, i've been sooo lazy to take some photoshoot for my blog ahahaha, sorry guys! but you know what, my feelings told me like this "you should take some photoshoot for your blog, people will missing you" well i bet no one missing me right? hahaha..

oh yaaa you know on my latest post i'm waiting the new shoes from iwearup right? well my new shoes has arrived a week ago maybe haha, her name is polly. i chose the black color because iwearup admin suggested to picked her first so i decided to follow the suggestion.. and ta-daaaaa this is my look now! hopefully you like it :)

trying this chain headband, is that cute or not? :p 
love this key necklace so much! :D
love my Polly Black SO MUCH!!! :D
thank you so much IWEARUP <3
and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA! okaaay i know it was totally late, but i just wanna say that i am so proud for being an indonesian people, proud because we have so many culture, many food, many  amazing places around this country, and the people who are really nice to the tourist! but i'm not so proud for the government, really sad about that.. if you're indonesian you know what i'm saying in here, i do not want to talk about that in here, about being sad because of the government. i'm just hoping that Indonesia will grow up with a better government amiiin.. *praying*

even Google are celebrate our Independence Day too! :)
Two Tone Chiffon Blazer - unbranded
White Blouse - vintage
Brown Belt - vintage
Black Velvet Pencil Skirt - Pasar Baroe
Wedges - UP 

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  1. Only one question. Where did you buy the blazer?? God, I love it :O
    I love your accessories. So vintage! :D

  2. glad to know you back dear :) totally missing your lovely post ♥
    great look and love your new shoes dear :)

    MERDEKA buat INDONESIA tercinta ♥ !! hehe

  3. absolutely adore your blazer!

  4. great style as always jess! love your blazer :)

  5. another lovely vintage look, looking adorable kak jes <3

  6. polly is really cute! I really love your monochromatic look, suits you well <3

    Joie de Vivre

  7. thank you <3

    cute >__<
    i love the blazer ..


  8. i love your blog¡¡¡ is very cool kisses from Mexico :)

  9. oh you look fabulous!! very pretty!! the shoes are perfect on you :)

  10. Hey !
    Wow, those rings are fierce :)


  11. im loving this! especially your jacket :)

  12. lovely outfit, and i love your rings!


  14. hi dear, di blogku ada giveaway OPI dengan total hadiah lebih dari satu juta loh! ikutan yah ^_^ thanks

  15. ooh your wedges is pretty
    and how cool is that Google pic?
    I had no idea!



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