Snakey Aqua

6:58 AM

did you still remembered on my 2 last post i've got some packages?? in addition to the package of L&K i also got the package from Flicka Stuff.. i shopped 2 things, they are aqua cropped top and ava yellow pocket short.. i love the combination of this color, not so color blocking but sweet and cute color, am i right??

i always love Flicka Stuff store, they're always have cute stuff with affordable price.. do shop in here! and you will not regret it when you shopping there... one word to describe their store: RECOMMENDED!!
and also i mixed them with my new snake skin bomber jacket from Bloop Endorse.. cool huh? please mind the blurry picture and the sleepy face of mine -,-

btw i am back to my boyfie again hehe.. dunno i just love him and he always help me to take my photo for this blog (not all of the photo but some of the photos), like a partner :)

bought this bag for only IDR 10.000 at Pasar Gedebage! very vintage and lucky huh?? :p 

mint green headband - Thyo Pernik
snake skin bomber jacket - Bloop Endorse
aqua cropped top - Flicka Stuff
yellow pocket short - Flicka Stuff
vintage black bag - Pasar Gedebage
black boots - June and Julia

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  1. your bag!!! omg.... pengen banget deh ke thrift store gt tapi ditempat aku gak ada :( anw love your snake skin jacket! <3

  2. cute jacket :D
    but i think im falling in love with your yellow pocket short . suka banget sama celana kamu jessica , pengen :( because i really love yellow <3

  3. love your jacket
    the yellow looks beautiful

  4. I love the pop of yellow in your outfit. Great satchel too.;)hel too.;)

  5. love the color of ur cropped top and nice bag, someday i want to shopping at Pasar Gedebage too :)

  6. I love this outfit! Amazing shoes!

  7. gorgeous look! love the bag mostly :D
    thanks for the comment! i'm following u now :)

    Joie de Vivre

  8. love your short, it is very cute, and the bag too! ;)

  9. ahh jess,i really wanna go to Pasar Gedebage too! seems like there are so many cool vintage stuff aaaa -___- reading this post makes me wanna shop soon. you look awesome and yes, I love this color combo too! :D


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