Party Summer LUAU by The Goods Dept Store

9:47 AM

i've been invited by The Goods Dept for attending the Summer LUAU Party, i came with my friends Allysa because i got a pair of bracelet, we're having fun so much on there.. but something that i never thought and because i never came to the exclusive party i am a really really a newbie for something like this (re: come to the exclusive party)

they're served some fruit punch with options fruit like strawberry, kiwi, and grape which is very very delicious drink, but when i want to get some fruit punch the bartender ask me "want mix it with some vodka?" and i never thought that was a vodka, i thought it was a sugar and i don't understand what the bartender say because he is like mumbling -.- and when i sniffed the glass, the smell isn't good and i became suspicious then i checked the bottle, what has been mixed into my glass by the bartender was? and i realized that the bottle reads "ABSOLUTE VODKA" dang!!! i asked the bartender reflexes to replace my glass with ice without mix some vodka.. i'm very embarrassed and felling guilty to the bartender, but then he's replacing my glass as i asked before.. fiuuuh but still i'm so embarrassed -___-"

well next time i must be careful to choose some food or drinks ;)

this spaghetti was really really delicious dish!!! 
cool quote!

the fruit punch

my look of that day, i'm sorry i'm in a rush so i don't have a chance to took some photo
turquoise shawl (as cardigan) - Cotton Ink
flower blouse - Pasar Senen
vintage belt - Pasar Gedebage
red midi pleated skirt - Pasar Senen
cheryl hobo navy bag - Mayonette
jane grey wedges - IWEARUP

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  1. Great post! Looks yummy ;) You have a nice blog ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. Those drinks look so good! and you're rocking the skirt :)

  3. Hey !
    Those drinks looks so yummy :)

    Love your outfit


  4. yummy drinks!
    and you look great
    love the skirt x

  5. yummy drinks! nice outfit , i hope i can here on party Summer LUAU by The Goods Dept Store, but yesterday im too busy. hahaha

    wanna follow each other?

  6. hahaha yes u better be more careful on occasions like that. the drinks looks super yummy but we don't know what's inside it... btw, loving ur red maxi skirt :D

  7. yessssss .. the drinking situation here is not as controlled as it should be.. next time we should all remember about the alcohol thing..


  8. i really love your pleated skirt! <3

  9. nice outfit, love ur bag !!! :)

  10. Love the color of your skirt!

    en la moda

  11. looks like a fun event!
    I love your whole outfit here :)

    question, if you don't mind answering, is cherly hobo bag any good? I've been eyeing it on mayonette web for a while but still doubting to buy one. LOL


    PS. I think vodka tastes good! You no likey? Just pass it to me next time. LOL

  12. lovely post¡¡¡ i love the pics :D

    i love your blog :D thanks por the coment¡¡

  13. nice post, have a great visit to my blog yaa Thanks ;)

  14. nice post :) and... suddenly i'm hungry, the food looks so delicious! :9


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