Browny Day

12:54 PM

hello there everyone, i'm sorry for the lack post! -___-" you know what i miss my blog so much but then i didn't have some free time to updating my blog, grr i'm really really busy with my college exercise -.- well i really mean it to being busy, oh well another busy day again but i'll try to passing through with a big smile on my face even though my face are really tired.. sorry about that! :( 

and i'm really enjoying my college so much, i already met some new friends and also my crush too (do i need tell you who's this guy hahaha no i'm just kidding) and they're really nice to me! i hangout with them, doing some college task together, well i'm really had fun with them even though the task is like a crazy.. really crazy -__-" 

this is my look for you whose missing my new look haha (am i right? or i'm just overreact) -,-
did you mention my new vintage bag? when i saw this bag for the first time, i'm really falling in love and i found this bag aaaaat THRIFT STORE! yes the number one favorite store in my life haha.. i got this bag for only $ 9 ( in indonesian Rupiah it was only Rp 90.000) 

oooh i also watched this new video in town from Cobra Starship featuring Sabi with song title You Make Me Feel, cool video and also got inspired because of the photobooth on this video..

blue headband - JakCloth
brown shirt - thrift store
vintage belt - thrift store
navy skirt - Dhievine by Dhika 
key necklace - JakCloth

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  1. wow i'm sucker for vintage bag and this one is one of the coolest! totally love it too! :D

  2. thanks for ur comment! <3
    gorgeous top!:)
    post more often please :D

    Journal J

  3. Been missing your post, Jess! Please post some more.. well if you got the time :p Take care on Bandung! :D

    Yoanda Pragita

  4. i love your shirt! nice outfit, i enjoy reading your posts :D

  5. Love your top and your skirt :)
    It so adorable
    And you look so pretty dear <3


  6. the bag is such a steal! It's so vintage.. LOVE!
    glad to hear you are adjusting to college life. it was the best time of my life :)

  7. I love that colours on You!Great bag!

  8. love your bag :D . mind to follow each other?

  9. i love your bag!!!!! omg >.<

    Lotsa Love,

  10. tasnya bagus sekali. besaaar :3

  11. Love your skirt and bag !


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