Viva Trademark!

10:09 PM

olla people! how's your day now? okey thanks for reading my blog again (or you keep reading my blog but you bored for waiting the new post) and again i tell you the reason why i'm not updating for a month because the college task is more crazier than i thought! *sigh*
my hair is getting crazy right now! key i'm overreacting right now. But i really want to post more often but my room is getting messed because the task. if you don't believe what i'm saying here i will take some photo of my college task. remind me guys!

well last week i attended to Trademark Bandung, an event which is sell the local brand things from Indonesia. yes the local brand is happening right now! i'm so in love with local brand from my country, because the quality is more better and of course affordable price hahahah.
and thanks to Nidya Indah for give me the invitation of opening party of Trademark but because i was new in Bandung i don't know the way to Paris Van Java so i just strayed when i'm on my way, and i just arrived at Paris van Java for about 2 hours! rrr~ -___-

oh what i bought on Trademark only 4 things huehehe, a kulkith boots, a fringe shirt (which is absolutely cute stuff), a headband from Fairies, and a necklace from Jirave Ducan. will post it on next post ;D

yummy! :9

drooling over! 

my silly boy :3
and because i'm in a rush and my boy didn't took my look for Trademark event so this post didn't have my daily outfit.. too bad :(

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  1. OMG what a great event, wish I was there! and those shoes are truly fantastic :D

  2. yay trade mark aku jg kesana.for sure im glad if someday we will meet.just contact me via twitter @putritanita . skrg km di bandung??


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