Sheer Enough

7:25 AM

a quick post from my daily outfit. well i took these photo was a week ago, and yes i'm sorry for lack update the task still going currrrrrrrrraaazzeeehhh -__-"

by the way this is my last post for having my really long hair, because i just cut my hair into a medium hair. and i really love my new hair! haha wait for my next post aaaaaaaaaaaannnnddd.. i've got a surprise news for you guys! i'm going to have a giveaway for you my lovely readers, because i'm really honored for being a blogger for 1 or 2 years maybe. even i'm being a bad blogger sometimes, sorry again... 

okay then, do wait for the new post ya! because the giveaway will be in the next new post. wooot wooot i'm so so excited! do you? :p 

dunno why i really love to collecting the statement ring, and the star ring are my new one favorite! <3

i got this necklace from Jirave Ducan.  i really love their store because their stuff are soo unique!! 

sheer top - thrift online store
egypt necklace - Jirave Ducan
abstract short - Gaudi
boots - June + Julia

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  1. love ur necklace Jess, and u looks so skinny and tall , thank you so much for ur sweet comment in my blog :)

  2. aah finally! been waiting for your next post! :D you sure have pretty lean long legs! those boots are such killer <3

  3. great outfit!! I really love those shorts

  4. You have beautiful long legs!! Love the statement ring!<3

    Would you like to join my giveaway? :)

  5. love the shorts! ethnic and cool <3
    btw, i'm wondering if you'd be interested in exchanging blog links?
    thank you

  6. Whoah why are you so skinny? *envy* hehehe.
    By the way, I've just known taht you're in bandung now. We should meet up then :)

    crunchy cheese me


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