Spot Spot and Alley

6:06 AM

well hello readers! been miss you all :( sorry for the lack update. well a month ago i attended 2 events in a row which are the Brighspot Market and also Alley 29 Bazaar. yes both event are supporting the local brand for selling their stuff and i shopped a lot (i really mean it now i'm bankrupt) -.-

and of course i found some of good local brand with affordable price. yayness! :D
okay let's see what's hot in there, first : Brightspot Market

and now the second event it is from Alley29 Bazaar

i really want this clutch but too bad the price is really really expensive :( 

P.S : i really shopped a lot, more stuff that i bought are coming soon :) and because i attended there alone sooo no one took photos for my daily outfit *sigh* -__-

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  1. Gosh, those are such an awesome event! I hope those kind of event are happens on my town :( Post your stuffs, pleaseeee..! Can't wait to see your found :D


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