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hello guys how's your last week? well sorry for late post because last week i had final exam, well the test are not really good for me i think, but some of them i passed it. now i'm just pray the result will great for all of the subject amiin O:) 

well after final exam i'm craving for red velvet cupcake and i went to 90 Gourmet at Jl. Riau because Nidya told me that place have some delicious cupcake and they have the red velvet cupcake that i wanted so bad, but too bad when i want to took the red velvet cupcake my camera battery is lowbatt and became off... *sigh* -___-" but i'm surprised that they have sushi in their menu. yaaay sushi again!! :D 

of course the sushi was really really delicious and the blackberry juice that i ordered are refreshing my mood hihi.. and i went there with my simple outfit but not too simple i think, because i wear the statement blazer for my simple style. look at these photos i'm just wore basic tee with jeans and haha i think i love with my lola boots from June+Julia. simply but stunning yet? am i right? 

sheer black tee - Velvet Apples (Brighspot Market), Unbranded jeans, Abstract Outerwear - Thrift Store,
Statement Necklace - Jirave Ducan, Lola Black Boots - June+Julia

the left ring was a little gift from OnlyI, the wolf ring!
 yeah i'm so in love with wolf thing, thanks OnlyI for the little gift  <3

look wolf man statement necklace, i bought it from Jirave Ducan. do check their stuff guys :)

my favorite one , it is Spicy Salmon Maki Sushi yuuuum :9

photographed by Aldi and me
edited by me

by the way i like to said deep thanks for Natasha Ollie for made me this illustration.. very cute and i like it sooo much! thank you so much dear.. and do check out her tumblr for her amazing art work here

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  1. hello gorgeous :) unique blazer. 90 gourment mmg enak kok ,jadi kangen mau kesana. ayo lets meet !

  2. kamu kayaknya makin kurus je, makan yang banyak yah sayooongs.
    uhuks i love the ring and the blazer so damn much

  3. aww gorgeous dear :) selalu suka semua look kamu <3

  4. hi jess you looking so cute too btw i love your blazer :)

  5. you look amazing! and I'm drooling over your necklace! they're as amazing as you are! <3
    let's meet up jess, since you're on holiday and I'm still at jakarta~

  6. printed blazer is really hot right now and you nailed it.
    oh and you have the wolf ring, too? they're really cool, right? (although i did get a couple of problems bending my fingers but it's fine haha)


  7. Great outfits! i love the colour mixing, and the outwear are really unique... :D

    Hei Echa!

  8. i really adore abstract pattern, and you pull off that abstract outerwear really well!!
    also love the necklace & rings too, they're stunning ♥

    great style!!

    xoxo, Izzaura

  9. Amazing artwork! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    Join my first giveaway, open internationally ˆ⌣ˆ click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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