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hey there finally i can feel the holiday atmosphere! YAYNESS :D i'm so happy because finally i can meet the whole family like my mother, my two sisters, uncles, aunts, etc etc. also i'm sooooo excited too meet all my friends!! wooot wooot.. i'm planning to meet up some blogger friend, my play friends (well i mean my playing partners when i was a kid). can't hardly wait to meet them all!

well now i already met my best partner also my blogger fellas Allysa. you know her from her blog "La Belle Partie de Moi" right? yeah she was my best friend when i was a kid and now she is a blogger like me haha, because she told me that she was got inspired by me. tehee thanks dear! ;)

pixie black heels from June+Julia! oh i'm so totally in love with this shoes. thanks juneandjulia :)
bought this statement necklace from AntykButyk. totally love it and cool!
and i got a bad news, since my tripod already left in Bandung (damnit), then i asked her to borrow her tripod and do the photoshoot together in front of my house hehe.. let see what was we wore.

did you just notice what i wore? the top one? the assymetric top? yes i just bought it from Pretty Young Things, they just launched the 3rd collection called "ANIMALIA". the collection are awesome and so wearable, i think it will give you a classic and chic at the same time. do check out their collection here and shop shop shop! ;)

get this mask if you purchase the animalia collection! SHOP :D

chain headband - Garland World
assymetric top w/ sheer detail - Pretty Young Things
gold statement necklace - Antyk Butyk
pattern white skirt - Sabila Anata booth's on Blogger Yard Sale
belt - sister's
pixie black heels - June+Julia

Happy Holiday everyone!
xoxo, Jessica

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  1. Love your shoes! <333

  2. wow great style!!! ♥
    love everything you wear here: the chain headband, the asymmetrical blouse, skirt, and THE NECKLACE (is really superb).. all so gorgeous! you have a great sense of fashion, surely.

    xoxo, Izzaura

    p.s: you can visit my blog when you have time :)

    thanks :D

  3. Lovely outfit dear! ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Love how you wore the assymetrical blouse! Followed you, follow me back? X

  5. everything suits perfectly1 superlove <33

  6. love the shoes <3

  7. awww i think this is a best outfit i see on your blog jess :). btw wanna follow each other jess?

  8. followed you, follow back? :) thank you!

  9. hey thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog! :)
    i have followed you dear, since maybe one month ago hehehe.. follow back? ;)


    xoxo, Izzaura

  10. I love your skirt! It looks so good on you! And that statement neck piece is just awesome!

    This blog is so fantastic, well done! Please check mine out and follow if you like it! I promise to return the favour!


  11. love your outfit!!!!
    already hype you on lookbook too:)
    following you,folback?

  12. you're so skinny and you know how to prove it to be cool. awesomeness! would you like to follow each other? :)

  13. hi! thank you for the sweet comment, kak!:)
    i really love your look! <3

    Joie de Vivre

  14. such pretty outfit! i love your necklace! (:

  15. Love your style! That necklace is incredible!


  16. I'm madly in love with your top and heels!! <33 xx

  17. yay for inspiring your friend to also blog =) you girls looks gorgeous, I love your shoes! <3

  18. AAAAAA!
    your legs are to die for, jess!
    great outfit, you really have a great sense of style! :)

    Shimmer Bliss

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  20. hi jess im following now, but i think i have some problem, i can't see you on my new followers, can you following again?
    sure we can, i have done exchange a link in my blog.

    ps: kamu temennya mitha juga ya? ikut meet up ga kamu jes?

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  22. Every time I see this heels, I want it even more xD I envy your long legs<33

  23. I just stumbled upon your blog! You have one unique style! And you look amazing on this outfit post! Following you now! Hope you can drop by my blog sometime.

    Hug and kiss kiss,


  24. aww dear , both of you looks so beautiful :) and jessica i love your top anyway :D

  25. so pretty!

  26. BIG LOVE for ur necklace, it's totally gorgeous ! <3

    Journal J

  27. i love ur top! :D

  28. i love this whole collection of PYT and u picked the right item plus the bold necklace is yummie in the eye!! i kinda want that for myself actually. just worried with the sheer part for me :p

    and i just knew that u and alisa are friends :)

    have a great saturday jessica!

  29. I love your seethrough top!

  30. love your style! the necklace is stunning! great look <3


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