The Auburn and Ginger / Birthday Giveaway [CLOSED]

11:30 PM

so yes as you seen the title, i'm holding my birthday giveaway. well my birthday supposed to be on 11 July which is not going so well, because yeaaah i lost my phone on my birthday and i really took some quiet time for letting my phone go. T.T it's hard you know since i will pay that phone to mom with my own money. well nuff said for that story. 

so i want to share my happiness to all my followers and lovely readers who always spending their time for reading this blog. thank you for always loving this blog and me (maybe) also i heard some of you said this blog is quite inspiring. is it? i don't feel i'm a good blogger since i always lack update -.- but much love and thanks for being my readers guys. me loving you too :) <3 <3   

now this giveaway collaborate with Auburn and Ginger, don't you love their collection? Auburn and Ginger have collection for girly, cute, chic, and edgy look. and you know what the price is on sale by now! go check out their collection here. Also i'm giving this 2 cute tops from Auburn and Ginger for free but i have the rules to win it. 

i will pick 2 winners for win each of these top 

sooo i just picked the winner, here's the winners :

1. The Winner of Cut Out Floral Top is..........

Oline Kurnia Susanto

2. The winner for White Lace Peplum Top is.......

Anita Putri

congratulations both of you, i will contact both of you soon :) 

thank you for all who are joined this giveaway, more giveaway soon fellas don't be sad! :) <3

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  1. can u follow back my blog ?

    thanks before :)

  2. R. Rr. Priscillia Marietta

    my favorite top is Lace Top, it's so Unique and calm. I never wore something from lace, and i hope i can get this gorgeous top. :) thank you,Jessica

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    2. also mention you from my twitter, everytime i tweeting about this giveaway :)

      my twitter account: @chocolava90
      already follow auburnandginger twitter and like their fans page.
      done follow your twitter account
      already follow your tumblr ( my tumblr: )
      done follow your blog via GFC ( Raden Rara Priscillia )

      wish me luck ;)

  3. Ni Nyoman Wiedyastrie

    Hey dear.. It is really nice to read your blog and found this giveaway :")
    I love auburn & ginger collection so. Actually I love both of their collection above.. Both of them are my favorite! I love lace and flower. And i'm confused now >,< Ok, i choose the flowery tops!
    I love the cutout on the shoulders and the most of all i love those pattern!<3
    I wish i could get those tops, wish me luck! :D

    Anyway, i post this giveaway into my blog, please come and see in your pleasure time :) >> <<


    Thanks dear :)

  4. Yulia Wahyuningsih

    I love the cutout floral top. Because it's so unique and it will show off my uniqueness.

    Mucho gracias :)

  5. Name: Monica Dian Novelia Jatmiko
    fave top: grey lace peplum top.

    I choose that one because lace and peplum top is hot trend nowadays. Just mix it with bodycon skirt or skinny jeans and we'll be effortlessly stylish. MUST HAVE ITEM THIS SEASON!!! ♥♥♥

    follow you on both GFC/bloglovin: yes
    follow your twitter: yes
    follow Auburn n Ginger twitter: yes
    like fanpage Auburn n Ginger: yes

    I tweeted this giveaway

    Happy belated bday anyway. Wish you all the best ♥

  6. claireta teressa
    i love the laces top because it's adorable and vintage ☺

  7. Michelle Angeline

    i love the second blouse which have the flower pattern, because the color and pattern is lovely and the details of the blouse, the open shoulder and ruffle collar are the trends nowadays!

  8. done all rules!

    ade kurnianingrum handika putri
    i love the floral top♥ why? because i'm a floral lovers hehehe, and i don't have a floral top like that, so i will be very happy if i could have those amazing floral top, then i can mix and match those cute floral top♥♥

    share on twitter :

  9. done the rules ;)

    gfc : bibiana dellavie
    email :
    twitter : @laavsh
    tweeted link :
    fb post link :

    i choose the the white lace top :) i simply fall in love with lace so effin much ! looks gorgeous and sweet at the same time . it could be combined with girly skirt or even casual jeans short !

  10. good luck for everyone!

    and happy super belated birthday :)

    anyway, Jess, you are officially invited to join Fashion Photography Contest held by XG!
    The grand prize is Rp 2.500.000 cash!
    please come to our Open House at GBI Aruna no. 19 from 5PM to 7PM. you can sign up and ask questions :)
    looking forward to see you there!!

    The Sweetest Escape 
    Join The Sweetest Escape x Juerrii Shop Giveaway

    1. the place are in Bandung ya stev? till when? hehe thanks for inviting me :) <3

  11. follow your blog twitter for been long time, also auburn & ginger too .
    i love the white lace shirt.

  12. Name: OLine Kurnia Susanto

    my fav is floral top

    I choose that one because Floral is always Timeless ♥ any time .. any years.. any season..always trend !! love that Floral top

    follow you on both GFC/bloglovin: done
    follow your twitter: done
    follow Auburn n Ginger twitter: done
    like fanpage Auburn n Ginger: done

    blogged :

    1. for extra entries :

      btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jessica :)
      Sorry for late greeting


  13. Hi Dear Jessica :)
    I'm joining...yay!
    I've already did the rules...
    and this is I tweeted

    Putu Gian Aryanti

    I choose the cutout flower tee...because I think that top suit my style the most
    it's unique yet chic...
    hope I win yah Jes..hihihi...

  14. Hi Jess, ikutan giveawaynya ya ^^

    Ikmalia Anindita

    i love the floral one because it's chic and adorable

    gfc : ikmalia anindita (anindy)
    twitter : @IkmaliaAnindita
    fb : Ikmalia Anindita
    blog :

  15. Yayy happy birthday ka jess, wishing you all the best things! And thank you for holding this lovely giveaway :D

    Mirani Tri Endayanti
    I choose the floral one, the cut out shoulder top. Well the reason is i'm a floral geek and that top is major cute yet unique. I'm sure this will be my fave if i won it :p

  16. Fullname: miarsiningsih kamio
    GFC : miarsi ningsih
    Twitter : @miarsiku
    FB like: orion zee
    FB Share:
    my fave is lace top bcoz vintage looks,and ,more simple :)

  17. Done all the rules!
    GFC : Ruth Arthasya
    E-mail :
    Twitter : @Angelicastle
    FB : Angelica Tambunan

    Love the first one! U ask me why?
    I love pink and the prints sweettt!
    That top has an unique design, and perfect for Summer!

  18. sudah ku follow semua yg km syaratkaaaan. bahkan aku mem-follow mu sampai dlm mimpi. ahaha.

    Nama : Lulut Marganingtyas
    Email :

    aku suka top yg keduaaaaa. cute2 manis2 gt deh. cocok bgt buat kado ultahku jess. ahaha. walaupun msh sebulan lg sih. aku suka bahannya sm modelnya.

    ini aku nge-twit juga loh :

  19. yay! happu b'day to *sorry for the late greeting*
    ad good luck for all the participants :)
    great giveaway


  20. 1,2,3 DONE
    4. Full name: Anna Desiana
    love the cut out shoulder top because it has a cute cut and long hand so i can wear that tops when i used a hijab in daily.


    with ♥,

    My Twitter l My Facebook l My Blog l My tumblr l My lookbook l My pinterest l My bloglovin

  21. All done!!!

    Name: Selly Octavia
    E-mail: and
    I love both of the tops but I love the second top even more... >.<

    twitter: @sellysly

    I've twitted them:

    smoga menang, smoga menang, smoga menang!!!!!!

    Oiya.. Selamat ulang tahun ya jess!! Hehehe.. Good luck!

  22. Name : Maria Marcellina
    E-mail :
    I love second top cause look glamour and pure

    twitter @Mar_ia_raM
    fb Maria Marcellina

    anyway tanjoubi omedeto onechan

  23. Mirani Tri Endayanti

    i have posted this on my twitter

  24. Mirani Tri Endayanti

    i have posted this on my twitter

  25. Name : Alika Peony Lukito
    Email :

    i choose the second top. i think it has a pure charm, based on the design, colour, and the laces. and also the top is versatile, because it mix well with jeans that everyone loves to wear.

    and.. Happy birthday Jessica ;)

    1. Follow blog (Via GFC): Done~ [Lyka]
      follow your twitter : Done~
      Like Auburn & Ginger Fanpage at facebook : Done~
      Follow Auburn & Ginger Twitter : Done~

  26. Hello Jessica!
    Happy b'day Jessicaaa~ so sorry I'm too late to said that ._.
    Oh dear, I'm so sad about your phone but then you get the new phone right? although yeaah... maybe a great things waiting for you, Jess, when you lost one thing, His giving you another good thing, I pray for you :)
    Then, let me joining your b'day GA yaa~ check this out!

    1. GFC: Tifa Pascariyanti // Bloglovin: Treasuring My Mind // Twitter: @pascatifa
    2. Like Auburn & Ginger Facebook Fan Page done as Tifa Pascariyanti S
    3. Follow Auburn & Ginger twitter done as @pascatifa
    4. Full name: Tifa Pascariyanti // Email address: // My favorite tops on this post is the black cut out shoulders with these floral vintage, sooo gorgeous and simply cute :3
    5. Spread the news on:

    Awkeey I've done!
    Thankies dear for the great chance
    Hope I'm the lucky one, I'm really really fallin love with the black!
    Have a great holiday, Jessica :)

  27. Hi! Happy belated birthday, Jessica! :)

    All rules are done!

    Name : Sherviana
    Email :
    I love the floral top, it'd suit me if I wear it hehe. I love flower as well! :)


thank you for your lovely comment! i'm so glad that you are visit my blog and leave some comment. keep visit my blog another time!

Kisses, Jessica