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hello again readers, now this post about reviewing and about Putri Soe giveaway. her own brand BLANCTERIA is the most addictive brand i've ever know, because i love most of all the collections. I think Putri really genius on designing, because what i looking for always there.

for now because Putri Soe is holding her giveaway with prizes MAP Voucher and win Andy Short from her own brand BLANCTERIA, so i will try my luck here and i hope i can win it :p

do try your luck guys, maybe fortune will pick you :)
here's the rules from Putri Soe and the prizes:

also BLANCTERIA have competition via twitter called #LOVEisBLANC. click here for know more about joining the competition 

Mabel Dress In Black the one i wanted so bad! so vintage and timeless right? :3
good luck for everyone and me too :) we compete hahaha..

cheers, Jessica

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