moDify x Vindigo Pre Fall 2012 GRUNGE IT UP edition

12:46 AM

hello stylish readers, how's your life? well again i really busy on third semester because a lot of something that i must to do for finishing the assignments also must design some clothes for my final test later so yeah again i'm truly sorry for not updating for a loooooong time maybe.

oh as the title you know moDify and Vindigo right? yes this is my friends brand called Helmy and Fitri the stylish and creative couple in fashion industry i think. Both of them really had amazing job for presenting their each brand, Helmy for moDify and Fitri for Vindigo. For Prefall collection their theme is about Grunge, well i do love and never get bored with grunge style. Even 90's already a loooong time ago but still this style still exist till now and still counting maybe. And to be honour, i felt so blessed to Helmy and Fitri for letting me as the model of their lookbook. I'm so blessed really blessed! so this post i dedicate to you guys, and I hope this collection will be sold out quickly!!

so enjoy the lookbook guys and if you want to see the catalog just click here! you will not regret to buy their collection because all of them in really really affordable price with good and "kece" design haha.. just go straight to the link that i shared :) :D

did i look really fierce? :p
love the shot in here, my laugh looks really natural. am i right? :)

oke hope you enjoy a lot! by the way maybe i will do a GIVEAWAY soon. Stay Tune!!!

Cheers, Jessica

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  1. love all that collection and already order ! haha


  2. jessica, this is so cool! and you look so damn fierce in that skeleton top. that innocent face,oh!! <3

  3. Greatttt collection! Love your face expressions :p well im looking forward to your giveaway! :))

  4. great collection!! n u look pretty here. :)

  5. OMG!!! you look so cool there♥♥ awesome jes♥♥

  6. I already order and being their loyal costumer hhaha. Great blog, btw. Check my blog out

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  7. pretty shots! I ordered one of the pieces as well. Nice blog!

  8. love at the first sight with this collection!! definitely must buy ;) anw, you look so gorgeous there!

    Missing Bee

  9. love these collection so much! and jess you did an amazing job i think you should be a professional model, stunning girl xxx

    Letters To Juliet

  10. wow!!!! these photos are incredible!! i'm blown away!!! instant folllow!!! <3

  11. i love the concept and the detail of every piece of clothing. and girl you are seriously very skinny!


  12. love the collection!! <3

  13. Hi, Jess! Thanks for the compliment on my blog! Haha, never thought that people would like it when i made it only because i wanted to do something a lil' bit different than the usual. From now on i'm gonna make more videos!

    Anyway, i LOVE this photoshoot. You and the guy look supercool! <3

    Putri Soe

  14. Sooo stunning and cool <3 mind to follow each other ? :)

  15. i love the plain jacket and vest ! i really want those! T_T
    and love your blog! i'm following! :D

  16. great post. love to read it

  17. I love these looks!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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