If I Were A Boy

8:22 AM

So I've been busy with my last year project for the next and the last assignment as a college student. Yup I hope I can graduate in the next 9 - 10 months (aamiin). The title of the post is kinda quite interesting to talk about. A question like "what will you do if you were a boy?" kinda thinking me hard since being a boy or a girl have a fair job to do for the nature. Like you know God is fair, there's nothing enjoying thing for being a boy even a girl. I mean everybody's know a girl must giving a birth and taking care of their children yet a boy have responsibilities for being a good guy, a good parent for their son/daughter, working hard or maybe struggling for their family for a good reason like a better life or a happy life. Well I think both of us a boy and a girl as a human in this world have a difficult job to do for the nature right?

 Okay but sometimes that question kinda interesting for me because sometimes I do want to do something if I were a boy. Here's the first one: 1. There's no PMS (LOL!) I mean every woman is struggling every month and maybe turning into a scary monster thingy like everyone said but some of girls aren't like this. But yeah free from a PMS is like I can do anything without worry every month or maybe every year. 2. There's no need make up thingy and confusing what to wear for every day. You know being a girl is like you must do look good every time you out of your house. Well at least put your eyebrow and lipbalm for avoiding your bare face who make people think you are sick or maybe you aren't showering...pfftt

And why dressing up like a boy? I personally love mixing with some boy stuff or get a boy look. This look is definitely will be one of my look if my boy wearing some nice men suits so we can match up the look even we are in different version. Better if you want your boy having some nice suit look you can check out to BONOBOS for more gentleman look, yet if you finding confusing to match with your boyfriend i think your boyfriend will consider it if you're match with him. No confuse to be girl, you can be anything that's a good thing for being a girl. agree?

What I Wore ; 
White Top - PinkEmma
Blazer - Thrift Shop
Khaki Jegging - Unbranded
Totebag - Totevrecko
Accessories - Forever 21
Boots - New Look

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  1. Wihii cool!


  2. love your hair jes, long time no post yaa hehehe,
    this one is so cool <3

    This is real and This is me

  3. Wow! All looks fit on you, there. Thanks for sharing us ^^

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