The Bad ass One

10:20 AM

Alright been awhile I'm not posting anything for few months. By the way I'm in busy for my very last final project this time and almost hit on graduation! I'm happy because one of my resolution this year will be complete and I'll be looking for a job that I passionate about. 
I love this cute black top that @weable_store gave to me. It is simple but chic with the lace detail on the sleeves. And I forgot I had this leather pants that I got from thrift store buuuuut it was ripped by accident and I don't know why it can be ripped like that. *I'm sad* 
By the way I'm on ask fm now! you can ask me anything there and here's the link and I'm on snapchat too!! my username is : paramarthaaa

Hat - Bershka
Leather Jacket - Sister's
Leather Pants - Thrifted
Shoes - New Look

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  2. Waaa welcome back to blogosphere Kak Jess! You've been much missed!


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